Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Glass bottles, colour pencil on Bristol Board. Belfast, UK, Ireland.

When I ask students what they think is the most difficult subject to draw, the answer is often Glass.
The thing about glass is that you can see through it. That's the BEST thing about it. And yet, thats the thing that freaks folks out the most.

Poison Bottles,  Julie Douglas. Colour Pencil. 

If you draw what you Think glass looks like, you end up leaving large areas blank. But glass is mostly made up of what you can see through it. This weeks students have had their first go at drawing wine glasses, and they all loved it - really loved it (they weren't drinking, just drawing...). Distortions, reflections, and even a portrait of the person sitting opposite, because they could be seen in the glass. (which caused its own problems as students keep...MOVING, tsk!) To make it easier, the tip is to half fill the glass with water.  

Bottle with lemon, Colour Pencil, by P. Finlay, student.

Glasses with lemons, 2B and 2H pencil, by B. McKinley, student. 

Students were really enthralled, it was a joy to watch them. When they started to focus on what was really there, all the reflections and patterns and shapes, it was as if they'd never seen anything more beautiful in their whole lives. There is beauty in all things. Drawing glass can be like unraveling a complicated puzzle. and its great when everything Fits. 

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BIG NOTE.... I really love teaching. Not everyone can say that. If I can help you in any way it would be an honour to do that. Just ask me a question. But I know that you will not learn anything by copying my work. Not a thing. So please do not do it. Don't print out my images, don't try to draw them, for the copyright is mine and you don't have my permission to do it. Thank you. Rest assured I will never, ever try to copy anything that you have created. 

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