Friday, 6 May 2011

Cloth, with apples. Oil painting, 8in x 10 in on Board

This painting has taken much longer than I expected and I have learnt a lot. (including, I never know how long a painting will take...) When I began my Oil Painting Learning Journey (thinking that it was a one-way ticket! How could I EVER have thought that?! But it isn't a return ticket either, its one that you hop on and off and sometimes when you hop off you haven't alighted where you thought and sometimes when you jump back on, hey, y'seem to have gone back a stop or two but at least its slowly moving forward....), this is the subject that I started with. Cloth. Because its challenging. Its been interesting returning to it on board, and I am now plucking up courage to revisit Canvas. All encouragement would be appreciated. 

Before starting this painting, I had begun a portrait painting, and once it got to huff-stage (when its wet or when its even more frustrating..), I decided to do the apples as a less-difficult distraction, a side track. A pleasant detour, possibly.  So there's another thing I learnt. The distraction wasn't less difficult. Just differently difficult. (though I reserve the right to change my mind once I restart the portrait, and decide that it was, after all, MUCH more difficult...!)

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