Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Portfolio course and Oil Painting..

This week I am in Killaloe, Co Clare, doing a Portfolio Course, and the drawings being produced are deLIGHTful..

(engine part by L. Herlihy, aged 17 - you see, never throw anything away...) 

I thought I wasn't bringing so much Stuff (props boxes) but then there was this, that and oooh, the tailors dummy... So the car was as full to the gills as always. Weather is tremendous, I'm teaching above the Wooden Spoon Bakery again, so we're tortured with wafts of onions, garlic, bacon, melting cheese...chocolate... you get the idea. The aroma is strongest near the door, so I try to stay well clear..

Anyway, in spite of bringing more-than-enough Stuff, my initial delight at sorting internet access here was shortlived, when I realized that I had my laptop, but not the...LEAD.  You're getting the last bits of battery life right now..  But, not to be flustered, as you can see, I have a new motto for the week, stuck just above my painting..

This is the painting I am working on right now, its not quite finished. Oil on Board, 8in x 10in. 


  1. Beautiful drawings, well done paintings! How do you work above those aromas?!

  2. Thanks Pam! Well, to get around the torture of cooking teasers, I asked the student nearest the door if she wouldn't mind breathing in a little more deeply to inhale as much torture as possible! A good complaint, and better that we Suffer for our Art!! (When it all got Too Much, the students simply had to shove their faces into banoffee pie - a standing-up eating blast!)