Thursday, 19 May 2011

Two Colour restricted palette exercise, Water Colour, Belfast

Helicopters (as we call them...) Water colour demonstration painting, Julie Douglas (seeds at bottom left to show the colours) 

Sometimes when I plan my classes I Think about it. Other times I Look about for inspiration. This week I had a lovely lesson planned, then while walking in the woods on the morning of the class, I looked up and was really taken with the seeds and foliage above me.  Spring has been incredibly bountious this year, and all the trees are laden with flowers, but these appealed to me because of the restricted colours. So the prepared lesson was put on hold in favour of a two-colour water colour exercise, using only reds and green. Excellent. Of course, when I was taking the photos, I got a bit overwhelmed by the wonderful shadows on the wall...

The student paintings were wonderful, with hardly any huffing at all....!

water colour, by L. Lauder, student. 

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