Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunflowers, oil painting on board 8in x 10 in.

I did this painting a few months ago - the flowers were in a jug at the bottom of the staircase at The Wooden Spoon Bakery, and the light there is always delicious. Soft, inviting light. Just about everything looks wonderful, on those stairs!

And Laura, who owns the bakery, loved the painting, as well as another of Grapes, which I will post at some point too, and asked for prints for the wall of her new cafe. So I had them enlarged by the Best Printer...In The World... ( and they look rather amazing, fantastic colour match. To give you an idea of scale, the original painting is about A4, and here I am next to the print. Huge!

Next up - Big Drawing and Portrait Workshop, Belfast 
Water Colour Workshop, Belfast


  1. Heeellllooooo!!!! Julie!! I will reply to your email asap, just have had a lovely browse through your blog:- I LOVE your oil paintings- even though I loved your pencil work, your oils just have a sheen and life to them that is just extraordinary! Well done, fan-tab-ulous. I'm so thrilled to hear you have waiting lists and full classes, you are the most talented and incredible teacher, so really well deserved XX

  2. och, you wee honey, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks...


  3. Delicious, to quote someone I know. Very striking detail, and such a lovely glow.