Saturday, 28 May 2011

Big Grapes, Oils 8in x 10in on board. The Craic is mighty.

This painting was one of the first I attempted on board. Having painted on canvas for a few months, a student of mine kept encouraging me to go ON, try BOARD, it's so much easier. Well, harumph... It's not easier, its just different. And for me, its sloooower because the first layer isn't absorbed in the way it is on canvas. With canvas, I painted in one layer, on board its usually about...several. Like all the oil paintings I've put on this blog, they were painted around A4 size - a small painting, but the grapes were larger than life size grapes. This was a labour of love. Every time I finished one grape I thought, yes, I think I've got the hang of it. But when I started the next grape, well, I knew I hadn't. My favourite bits are the white spaces in between the grapes. Sheesh! But I have a favourite grape as well...

It would have been sensible to have been holding the original painting while being photographed, to really show the scale of enlargement, but you'll just have to use your imagination. As you can see, I was enjoying myself too much to be that practical..! This is on the wall at The Wooden Spoon cafe in Killaloe, Co Clare. And next time you are in the vacinity, be sure to call in, for their food is rather heavenly. And, as they say in those parts, The Craic is Mighty. (if you don't know what The Craic is, that's TERRIBLE, for you, you must get some IMMEDIATELY. You've been deprived. Ask an Irish person!)  


  1. Absolutely beautiful colors and values. This jumped right off my dashboard!

  2. oh thanks! Hope you didn't get whacked in the eye! I emailed this image to a student who is usually quite serious and he replied asking if I'd any tips for getting teeth marks off his monitor!! Hee hee!
    Have a look at my oranges painting if you haven't seen it, thats had top marks for jumping-out value!