Monday, 18 April 2011

oil painting workshop..

I did an Oil Painting workshop over the weekend in Dublin.. The prep began on Friday with a visit to St George's Market in Belfast to see what colourful fruits I'd not be able to resist.. I was after artichokes, but they weren't colourful enough this week... And sometimes that's good, as it means I have to spend a bit longer wandering, looking, pondering and rejigging my thoughts. I'd not been on a Friday before and my Usual Veggie stall wasn't there, oh shame. But there was a bigger stall in the middle, and wow, the colours... I was only feeling a little bit disloyal, when who should pop out from behing the parsnips, but My Veg Man, same stall, different spot! And I'm afraid he knows me by now, and before I knew it, he was walking me around by my elbow in case I'd missed something fabulous. Purple and green you want, he says - extolling the purples in the aubergines (not today...) or how's about a cabbage? (nah....). And as I filled up my bag with oranges and plums, I noticed that he looks like... Tom Cruise!! Perhaps I should ask him to model for the next portrait class..?!

My students worked tirelessly, and produced fabulous paintings, seemingly without pain! The table got messier by the moment, the coffees went cold and hardly any paint got on the clothes... Just on the hands and elbows and noses instead. And the glasses - one student confessed that she was worried about her vision after the first day, and everything looked a bit misty -  till she realized that she had a fingerprint of white paint on her specs... 

Next Up - Water Colour workshop, then Intensive Portfolio Course. 
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