Saturday, 2 April 2011

Rory's Hands, Oil Painting 8in x 10in.

Well, this week I have learnt a lot about paint, though, mostly how NOT to do things. Which is still learning nonetheless. I have been working on a painting of hands, the attraction being the skin tones, but didn't I only decide to have the hands playing the piano... So the great majority of time was spent on painting the piano keys - WHAT a nightmare. You'd think after all these years that I'd see the nightmare bits coming, but, oh no. I'm just Attracted To Things, and away I go... It didn't take long to dawn on me that the task was rather larger than I'd expected, once I started the white-keys-black-keys. Black paint loves to smudge. You only have to glance at it from across the room, and oops, it smudges itself.
And how to get a straight edge - I mean a REALLY straight edge? I decided to try masking it off. It took all morning to cut the stuff out, and the idea was loosing its appeal, but it worked well-ish, until I started peeling it off, and most of the glue from the tape stayed on my board. Sigh. I 'solved' this by liberally slathering black paint on top, and thought I was a genius. How wrong... The painting was too wet to continue, so I decided to have a tidy up and run the vacuum cleaner round. I know, what was I THINKING? When I went back to the painting next day, sure enough, all the thick black paint had turned into a Fluff Magnet.  For the entire street...

You see my difficulty. Anyway, I got there in the end, and while it may seem good to have a reason not to vacuum, the down side is, it means slow-motion mopping instead. It'll be at least a week till the painting dries. Have you ever seen pictures of Francis Bacon's Studio? Total mess. Now I know why. Try explaining that to your mother.. 

(the colour is far from true in this photo, but I can't move it for better light, see above...)
                                Tip - don't use anything sticky on your painting.

Next Up: Monthly Mondays Drawing and Painting, Killaloe, Co Clare, Ireland
Portrait Drawing, Dublin, Ireland
Water Colour Workshop, Dublin, Ireland.
Two day Oils Workshop, Dublin, Ireland
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