Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tanya's Eggs, Colour Pencil on Bristol board

For the season that's in it, I had to post this drawing of Eggs!
These eggs were given to me by a neighbour who loved chickens, but not eggs.... (Personally, I like chickens and eggs.) At that time I was mostly painting people and animals, which I love, but I was also feeling Visually Envious (is that possible?) of the still life subjects I was giving my students and decided that it was time for me to join in with the still life fun. This artwork took...longer than I expected..!

Your weekend Homework... get out and appreciate the fabulous cherry blossoms and the freshness of spring greens. 

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BIG NOTE.... I  really love teaching. Not everyone can say that. If I can help you in any way it would be an honour to do that. Just ask me a question. But I know that you will not learn anything by copying my work. Not a thing. So please do not do it. Don't print out my images, don't try to draw them, for the copyright is mine and you don't have my permission to do it. Thank you. Rest assured I will never, ever try to copy anything that you have created. 

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