Sunday, 10 April 2011

Distance Learning, Drawing block.

This fabulous drawing was done by an advanced distance learning student of mine from Norwich, K Galliford. Truly magnificent! An iris from his own garden, drawn in coloured Pencil. the value of distance learning should not be underestimated, for while it hasn't got the advantage of a weekly class, it certainly gives students the discipline required to commit to producing work regularly enough to improve. This drawing is approximately A4 in size. 

Remember what I was saying before about feeling inspired, visually, about everything around you, rather than relying on other peoples artwork to Do It for you? I took the snap below the other evening while out walking the dog on Belfast Lough. So I had the double creative blast - its a fact that being outside, in the elements, is good for us, creatively. It clears the head (or at least shuffles everything around a bit into some semblance of order...), opens the lungs and allows the over-busy dust particles in our head to settle... As well as possibly putting off getting on with some artwork, in the time-honoured art of procrastinating. And not only this, but if you're lucky, there'll be a visual feast too, and you are reconnected to the beauty all around you. I admit that a sunset is nearly cheating - but at least I was OUT THERE, and SAW it... And if you think you have no time to stop and stare, think again. You have time, for everything. 

Next up - Oil Painting workshop, Dublin Ireland. Email for details and booking

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