Friday, 4 May 2018

New Studio, new classes!

I'm thrilled to be able to share that I have moved into new studio space, in what until recently was a Primary School, and am shaping it up into a spacious, comfortable contemporary atelier environment. I found it at the beginning of April, and in three very busy weeks, with the help of lots of student volunteers, have made it feel like home.

The walk-in film was made after a couple of weeks, so things have moved a little further since, but it gives you an idea..! 

 The photos below show how the rooms were three weeks ago - huge, and looking like a primary school class room. Large, with potential...

 But much work to be done. I started by removing everything from the walls, including hundreds of staples... and started painting.

 After several days working on it, the heavy brigade arrived - my volunteer students, armed with tool boxes, and scrubbing brushes.
 Glynis, Mark and me in the middle, Miss Rubber-Gloves. 

Merlynne and I painting. By now, the task seemed never-ending.. 

Ben, with roller
Rory, strong and helpful

Lost count of the number of trips to Ikea... 

Alan assembling a table, and his family and Rory tackling the chairs

Jim, modelling this year's best overalls... 

After the furntiture was all assembled...

My turn, to get the curtains ready to block the south facing sunlight during classes
 So, it's not finished yet - the easels room (which now includes a piano!) has yet to be painted, but I will keep going until all is done!
Students tt work in the easels room - Paul and Alison


Brigid and Julie

Jackie, Robert, Mark, Sara, Gllynis

Every studio needs a friendly dog. Pam tickling Minnie 
A morning class in the drawing room. 

Thursday night class, hard at work
Ann, Kate, Jim using water colour
I am so grateful to all the volunteers, and may call on you again...!!

There will be two studio open evenings in June, and everyone is invited. I will keep you posted.

All my classes are now at the new venue and I now have space and easels to offer life drawing sessions. For details of upcoming workshops please email


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous Julie. Well done to you and all your volunteers. (Although I always loved the intimacy of painting in your house). Good Luck and hopefully I will get back to you for the autumn sessions. Lorraine x

    1. Thanks Lorraine - don't worry, the intimacy of home-from-home has been retained, everyone says so! See you soon hopefully xx

  2. Congratulations Julie and all team! A big hug!

    1. Thank you Fernando, it's a dream come true!