Friday, 25 May 2018

Little tonal studies in oil, student works (and an unfortunate story...)

Pow, standing beside his evening's work 
When you are new to oils, it's really useful to begin with some mixing exercises - there is no pressure to produce 'a picture', and the emphasis is on understanding the medium. 

Brigid at the easel - at top is the tonal sphere and she is doing lovely 'tiles' on the jug. 
 Some of my students hadn't done oils before, and those who had were feeling a bit rusty, so we spent some time mixing greys, and laying them out to create a sphere. It's harder than it may look!

Caroline mapping out the jug 
There was just enough time at the end to begin a small canvas of a white jug, which we will complete at a future date.
Alison - this is the only record of her lovely tonal sphere... 
Luckily, students left their jug-canvases at the studio to dry, but took the spheres home. Well, MOST students took them home... Poor Alison sent me this message the next morning...

I put my picture on the bonnet last night while I opened the car, thinking 'mustn't forget and leave it there... of course not, i was only going to be a few seconds, even I couldn't forget it in that time!'.  Guess where it is now?? No, I dont know either ... somewhere between Dundonald and Belfast I guess!


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