Saturday, 7 April 2018

A montage of student artwork from Belfast this month...

 A LOT of artwork is produced by my students and I thought it would be good to show you a mixture.  These are all from the weekly classes, where students have just a couple of hours to work.
The weekly oils class,  including Sandra accidentally painting her own arm..! Drawing is included in the class, and you see some pastels here too. 
Although everyone usually looks very serious in photos, it's only because they are concentrating - they're having a lovely time really!
Irises from a catch-up session, and a selection of subjects from other classes. The Thursday group are waving (either that or they're crying for help...). 

Paul and Alan (top), and Pam and Carolyn (middle) bravely turning up when all other students were snowed in. Artworks in coloured pencil or water colours. Cathy putting final touches on her fabulous glass painting. 

From sweets in coloured pencil to tin foil in water colour..

More lovely examples, from bananas to landscapes. 

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