Thursday, 17 May 2018

Lilies, compresed charcoal

Students hard at work, studying tonal values.
 It was great to get into the easel room in my studio for the first time, and give students a chance to work on larger subjects, with the option of standing up. It's good to vary the way we approach drawing and painting, and everyone enjoyed the new space. Each easel has it's own book case, to store materials and bags, and this will double up as excellent shelving for still life subjects in future.
Paul's drawing coming along nicely
 For this session, students drew a large cluster of lilies, working out how to tackle a complex arrangement, using tones to help define areas, and avoiding too many lines.
A lovely study by Clive

Ben adding some finishing touches

Brigid's lovely drawing, completed over two sessions
After much huffing and puffing, wonderful results were achieved - it's amazing the difference a background makes too. Students worked on a light-tone neuetral paper, and the aim was to cover the entire surface with chalk, as the colour itself wasn't particularly attractive. Getting the right tonal value behind the flower set off the subject dramatically.
Some students were having a little trouble getting onto their high stool, but luckily Mark found a baby-stool to help Sara reach her easel!
Sara's lovely drawing - worth the climb!
Pam bonding with Minnie. Every studio needs a dog!  
Margery spent two sessions developing her drawing, which was wonderful
Pow's lovely artwork 
Barbara's artwork, which ended up dramatic and powerful. 
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