Tuesday 26 August 2014

From a room to a studio...Oils Workshop Belfast

What does it take to transform an empty room into a studio??

... Lots of easels, stools, lights and shadow boxes, helpful porters to move them all... and, fresh from New York, Matt Weigle, to arrange them, just so!

Matt arrived a few days ahead of time to help prepare for his Oils Workshop this week. It was great watching him work so carefully to make each workspace as good as it could be, and to take him to St George's Market to choose fruit for painting. This took rather a long time, and as usual, I bought far too much because for every lovely plum I found, there was another and another...

Day 1 was the setting up of our individual objects, then blocking in the drawing. 

Matt Weigle doing the drawing demo
The view from my desk

My set up
I'll keep you posted on the progress... This week is the run up to the Draw In Symposium, and its a great way to get warmed up!


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