Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Easle-y done..!

With the Draw In Symposium coming up soon, I decided to assemble all the easles, to make sure they were in good working order.  It's one thing walking into an empty Life Room, with easles neatly stacked against the wall, but quite another to put ALL the easels up at the same time. 


Getting stuck in... 

Pretty soon, the room was gettting crowded, 

till it began to feel like a jungle.. or a sea of tall ships.. And it was apparent that there was no hope of this many people actually working in the life room at the same time - it is just so small. 

And of course, once they'd all been erected, they had to all go away again..!! I was happy to have my son to help me. 

He didn't think much of this guys muscle mass...

Peter Cooper, testing out the AV equipment. 

Judith helping with camera work. 

And chief Volunteer Lisa, attempting to make a quick getaway on my bike... 
These people have made such a difference to me in the past few weeks. My cheerleaders, my rocks, my captains. Thank you so much. 

Upcoming courses: 
Big Drawing Day at The Drawing Office, Titanic Quarter Belfast 
Drawing Trail around The Titanic Quarter for European Heritage Open Days. 
Oil Painting workshop with Matt Weigle, Figure Drawing with Colleen Barry
Draw In Symposium, 30th & 31st August 
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