Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The art of traveling, Chocolate Tiffin & Portfolio Course

The world is defintely getting smaller. When I lived in the west of Ireland, the locals thought that no one would be interested in ART... But by the time students started coming for courses, you'd have thought it was the neighbours idea in the first place that I do something arty -  they treated me with a warm indulgence, a sideways tilted head, a smile, and a 'Would you believe it...?' and eventually, 'Why wouldn't they come for The Art?'.

Well, yes! I began traveling myself a few years ago to teach around the country, on the basis that those who lived further away were always saying they wished they could do courses more often. But I discovered that if I did a course in Dublin, it was as likley to be attended by students from Mullingar as Dublin. I held one in Co Leitrim in the spring, and one of the students came up from Dublin...! And another in Dublin, where a student flew over from Kerry..!

Autumn light, Strangford Lough

Now it is so easy to get around, the roads are amazing. But so, indeed, are the flights. I have students regularly popping over from the UK.

Last year I had a boy from Switzerland on a portfolio course, and a girl from China, and this year another from France. So, now that I am back at college myself studying for my Masters, I am doing a little less traveling, based on the knowledge that the venue is NOT important, but the teaching and the course IS. And, as anyone who has been to a weekend workshop when I'm at home knows, I do a good lunch too!

I'm doing a Portfolio Course during the half term break, and am delighted that it will be at home. Its so easy to get here.  If I teach at home, my props supply is endless. If I travel, there's only so much I can get in the car. I am including drawing on location, and illustration elements as well as sketch book studies and all the usual course content. AND... I'm making chocolate tiffiin, to help concentrate the mind! (Hard work deserves chocloate rewards). Students are well looked after, with full tuition, from breakfast to bed! Phew!

Prep for chocolate tiffin... mmmm

For info, email julie@juliedouglas.co.uk

Next up Water colour workshop, Belfast

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  1. Keep blogging the blarney, Julie, have you got that tiffin recipe?