Monday, 15 October 2012

Portrait workshop and Afternoon Tea

Yesterday I had a lovely portrait drawing workshop, with Mama Kaz modeling. Students started working using a mirror (we all get used to it after the initial horror!) and drawing themselves, which gets some of the initial hard-peering dealt with before moving on to observe the model.

Kaz was a little animated, but at least managed not to get the guitar out to serenade everyone while they were actually drawing!

Student drawing, by S. Foster - wonderful first portrait studies. 

I usually provide lunch when I hold a workshop at home, but seeing Kaz was singing on stage the night before, I started a bit later. So instead of lunch, I made Afternoon Tea!

Sandra, bless her, said it was... 'better than The Merchant'. Well, how delightful!! But I made so much food, that I ended up taking a cake round to the neighbours, and delivering a box of chocolate tiffin to Auntie Edith down the road! Apparently this week is Chocolate Week, and she's a bit partial.

Next up - intensive portfolio course
Water Colour workshop Belfast - Skies, trees and landscape.
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  1. Twas a wonderful afternoon indeedy I say! I enjoyed myself to the upmost & was partial to a little of that wonderful chocolate provided lol! Stunning time with you all & I love the artwork.... Mama Kaz xx