Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day trip!! Drawing in the Ulster Museum, trees in charcoal

I do love a drawing day out. It's great to change the location for classes sometimes, though students are very afraid at the beginning... The atmosphere is very relaxed and user-friendly at the museum, and the attendants were very helpful and earmarked all their best stools for my students..! I got there early and walked around the whole museum, gasping at the range of possible subjects, chose a couple and went back downstairs to meet the group. It was the famous Thursday-Girls! 

From the back, Hilary, Deirdre, Glynis, Geraldine, Linda, Jennifer and Helena

But as soon as I looked out the window and saw the gorgeous pine trees - it was a clear bright day, with lovely light  - that was it, all museum artifacts abadoned, it HAD to be the trees. (Any suggestion that this was because the trees were visable from the cafe is just viscious rumour) Which of course meant I didn't need all those stools the nice attendants had set aside for me.. 

Jennifer's lovely drawing in progress

Helena's sketch book

Linda and Geraldines work in progress
I went on my bike and was really glad as the traffic was terrible and parking around the museum is... er,well, its great if you're on your bike as there are lots of railings. 

I did a demo drawing but most of it was smudged out on the way home on my bike, never mind! (I must have been cycling too fast..) It was a great experience, and we managed to hear a talk about Kenneth Shoesmith's water colours which are on show for a few months. Worth a visit. We'll be back soon to make better use of the amazing artifacts (and the stools).

Next up: Portrait drawing workshop, and intensive portfolio preparation course. 
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