Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pages from my sketch book (water colour painting without drawing, sunflowers)

The sketch book is so personal to each person, there isn't a 'right way' to do it. It can be a place for thought-free doodling, for collecting material from day to day experience, for gathering useful reference material for a specific project, or a visual diary of thoughts, and problem solving. Or none of these things.

Sunflowers - Top:demo - painting without drawing first, bottom sunflower, colour pencil. These are much smaller than they look on here! 

Having started a lovely moleskine book ages ago, I have now filled it to capacity and am feeling bereft - repeatedly going back to the same book (or books) creates a kind of comfort, a safe-place for mark-making and I look forward to getting my new book. Though, when I open it, that blank newness can feel very stark... 
a little bit of messing with sponges
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