Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tone - the Heart of the matter. Student Watercolour studies.

Yes, I know I keep coming back to Tone, but it truly is vital...! Last week I gave my students a group of three peppers, one yellow one red and one green, which they painted using only Payne's Grey (a totally delicious colour, if you use Artist Quality... Never use anything else).

Jean R

Ruth T

Pat F

Choosing tones which correctly balance these three different colours is not easy, and it was interesting to note that often the yellow one was not the palest tone...

Kate A

Hilary H

Ciara's - this was huge, on A3 paper, and just her second watercolour..!! 

There was, as usual, much huffing and grinding of teeth, and, as usual, I took no notice... The results were astonishing. All brilliant! So good, in fact, that we're doing another tonal study this week, but I haven't told them yet...

John McI

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