Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Portfolio Preparation, Ireland

Last week I did the first portfolio course of the summer (that's an Irish summer, mostly damp). I had a sweet group (don't tell them I said that), students from all over the country, who worked hard, produced great work and set themselves new, higher targets to aim for. With only a minimal amount of nagging on my part and hardly any huffing on theirs...!

For the first time ever, I had more boys than girls on the course, which meant it was a bit quieter and a lot more...funny! Yup. (girls, if you think boys are 'stupid', try listening harder, for they are truly funny if we let them get a word in!)

I had a chat with one of the parents afterwards and between us we came up with a wonderful idea for distance-portfolio-help. Sort of like a weekly class but at home with internet-nagging one day a week, to get the students through the summer. 

Lovely bunch - Conny, Bilal, Rowan, Josh, me (using Siranee as a human shield), Siranee, Ellen, Eoin, Bronagh and Ciara.
More portfolio courses in July and August, as well as Oils workshops, Big Drawing Days, Art for Teenagers and more...
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  1. loved it learned more in one week then i had learned in last few years .. thanks joulie

  2. Well thanks Bilal! Hope its coming along nicely - I'm doing another one at half term if you need a kick up the back side..!

  3. (Except that i've broken my toe, so maybe I'll not do so much kicking...)