Monday, 11 June 2012

For Sale - a slice of Heaven

Well, it may seem a little odd, but why not...? These photos are of my gorgeous house in east County Clare, Ireland. It's called The Park, it is nestled half way down a hill, and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with a view across to a lough.

It's an old farmhouse, with a warm history and an important role in the village - it was the first house to have a television, for example, so the neighbours used to come over on Tuesday nights to watch The High Chaparral..! As well as card nights, and for tea after weddings. In my time, we had an evening of tradtional music in the studio as well as open art days. A living history, a lovely place. Lovingly restored, with an Aga, open fireplace and wood burning stoves, 4 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms and separate studio.

Inside the studio

View from the front door.
last week I got stuck in traffic... 

The reason I'm showing you is because it is for sale. Many of you have visited it and spent hours painting and drawing, and basking in the lovelieness of the place. If you are interested in living in Heaven, send me an email and I'll pass you on to the estate agent. It's less than 45 minutes from Limerick city and Galway city, making it accessible yet private, quiet but also the centre of the Universe.

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