Monday, 15 June 2020

Oil painting workshop with Julie Douglas 13th - 17th July 2020

This popular weeklong workshop covers all aspects of setting up, prepping and completing an oil painting, using a couple of different methods. We will work using still life subjects,so you can set up our own arrangement, draw it, do a grisaille then move on to colour. These are lovely process when taken in small manageable stages.

Student Marie beginning to apply paint, after completing previous studies
Marie's painting
We will look at colour mixing...
 We will spend some time on colour mixing, so you discover how many colours you have available even when using a restricted palette.
Lovely finished painting from last year's workshop, by student Gennie

This photo of lovely student work shows the drawing, black and white ('grisaille')painting and transferred drawing on the canvas ready for painting. by student, May.
May's finished little painting - lovely! 
 This is a five day workshop, with the option for those who wish to include it, a look at colour mixing for skin tones and a small portrait study.

My portrait painting of Jonny. 
Having spent the past three months teaching exclusively online, I am delighted that some students are returning to the studio to work. With all workshpaces at least 2 metres apart, I am constantly grateful that my studio is large enough to accommodate this. However, for the time being, I will continue to offer classes online as well as in the studio. The workshop will include demonstrations, as well as video demos for those on Zoom. 

For more information, please eamil 

Also upcoming, 3 day portrait workshop:

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