Monday, 15 June 2020

3 day workshop in Portrait drawing with Julie Douglas July 10-12th 2020

I am holding two workshops in July,  first in portrait drawing (10 - 12th July)  and then Oil Painting (13th - 17th July)

In the portrait workshop we will look at how to measure the face, using a variety of approaches to help dispell preconceptions and help you understand the face as part of the head itself.

'scaffolding' to get proportions... 

We will use dry media, including pencil, charcoal and compressed (grey) charcoal. 
 There will be daily demonstrations and all reference materials (photographs of BARA models) will be sent to students via email.

Step one, two and three in the process, from block-in to tones. 
Student artwork from last year's workshops
Student drawing of Mr Paul O'Styrene. A very obliging model! 
How to deal with hair...  (Prep drawing of Rachel, by JD) 

Having spent the past three months teaching exclusively online, I am delighted that some students are returning to the studio to work. With all workshpaces at least 2 metres apart, I am constantly grateful that my studio is large enough to accommodate this. However, for the time being, I will continue to offer classes online as well as in the studio. However, ZOOM is rather tiring, so class length will be shortened to accommodate this, but students will get some homework to do!!!

Finished prep drawing for 'Vernon', graphite, by JD

For more information please email

Also upcoming, five day oils workshop:

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