Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oily Cheeses and colour Pencil Peppers...

Here is my most recently completed oil painting, another in the series for local shops. This was a challenge, as usual, because I primed it differently. This is painted on MDF board, so must be primed with a few layers of gesso before painting. Up to this one, I used a wide brush to prime, and sanded it down, but often the stripey lines of the primer show through. This time I used a roller so there'd be no streaks. Big no-no. The surface wasn't smooth at all, but had the the same qualities of the roller itself - spongy, and it absorbed the paint differently. And not in a Good Way Different... However, I'd spent so long drawing this out that I decided to plod on, and eventually and frustratingly got it done. It is gently fuzzy in reality and doesn't show any of the pain it took to produce... But sure, no pain, no gain.. And the cheese was the easy bit. The challenge was the lid. 

This week I was in Killaloe, Co Clare doing my Monthly Monday class, and the drawing below is by one of the students, Orla Flanagan, using Colour Pencil. A fabulous piece of work!


  1. Well I am not a paint critic, thoughh I would like say-
    What ever you do, will be fabulous; because you are creative. Though the surface was not smooth at all, but you paint it so well.

    Greeting from Faysal.

  2. Love your cheesey dish Julie! Looks good enough to eat. I need to commission you to do a lovely foody one for my kitchen.

    Should there have been a lovely glass of red next to the cheese..or were you drinking it at the time ; )