Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Completing the tonal study...

As I said in my previous post,  I went back to my tonal study, and painted a strong background, to see how it altered the tonal balance of the painting. Using very neat Sepia, I took the plunge - and once again found it to be more trnsparent that I wanted and streaky (see below). The solution of course, was to paint a couple of layers, waiting for the previous layer to be dry first. The effect was as I expected - the tulips and leaves looked too pale, so I darkened the darker areas to redress the balance. BALANCE - a new favourite word. Balancing-act, don't lose-your balance.
This painting is around 5inches x 7.5 inches.

Next up - Big Drawing Day, Dublin, Ireland.
Water Colour Workshop, Dublin
Oil Painting Day, Belfast, UK.

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