Monday, 28 February 2011

Oil painting, creamy cakes from The Wooden Spoon, Killaloe..

I posted a painting of a creamy bun a while ago which was painted in oils on canvas, so I thought I'd show you another one I did in the autumn, but on board. The canvas was a lot quicker, as it seems to take colour more thickly, first time around, and colours blend in almost by themselves, whereas board has no absorbing quality so the paint smears and slides for the first layer and needs a second (or third...) to show a richness of colour. I think... Just to see what happened, I painted it onto a coloured base, rather electric...This painting is 8in x 10in, just a little bigger than the previous cream cake. 

And why am I showing you these now..? Because I spent Saturday doing a workshop and the venue was the Demonstration Kitchen above the Wooden Spoon Bakery in Killaloe - such torture as the ever-changing aromas wafted up the stairs all day... And huge plate fulls of meringue for eye-feasting - I can sense a meringue painting coming on... 

 Here's a pic of a lovely pastel drawing in progress, by one student on Saturday. 

Next up: Weekly classes resume this week in Belfast and two days of Big Drawing on Sat 5th & Sun 6th March in Belfast.

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