Monday, 27 December 2010

Kierans Pumpkins...

All my students will sigh when they see this - for they know how I love pumpkins, and moreso, gourds. Gourds must be nature's little joke - so garish and funny, and purely decorative. Just to make us smile. I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but I've loved doing it. It has a calmness about it. As I post it here, its not quite finished, but near enough to share. 8in x 10in, Oils on board.

(Tip of the day - if you place your laptop onto what you thought was a dry painting, you will be delighted to discover a near-perfect imprint, firstly on the laptop and then on every other surface you move it to. Ahem. Thats not the tip btw, the tip is - tidy up after each little job before starting the next.... And no, it wasn't the pumpkins, it was a tonal version of the next painting, phew, which is some cheesey cheeses..)

Workshops coming up - mini Portfolio preparation all through January 2011
Water Colours in Dublin
Oils in Belfast
Weekly Drawing and Painting resuming in Belfast....
Call for info and booking!

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