Sunday, 6 January 2019

Portrait progress number 3!

After many days longer than I expected, I finished the drawing of Vernon. These photos show the progress, with the finished artwork at the bottom. 

When I started, I thought the beard was going to be the most challenging part, but I think perhaps the hat was just as 'interesting'... 

The yellow-look to the photo is because I photographed it at night. 

By the time I began working on the area around the figure I realised that the job was not nearly over, yet...!! 

The big cover-up. It is important to keep the paper clean, and the only way to enqure there are no grubby smudges is to expose only the area being worked on. It's a rest for my eyes too.  
Starting the foliage
The background tone. Yet another challenge in gentleness and even handling. 

Of course, this is only the prep for the oil painting! I had a day off before transferring the image on to canvas. See the next post!

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