Monday, 27 November 2017

Drawing on location, at the Titanic Pump House, Belfast

You'd be forgiven for thinking that somewhere as industrial as the Titanic Pump House would be the last place you'd want to draw. Apart from the fact that it's oily, dusty and uncomfortable, it is also more than a bit chilly. But if you wear enough layers of clothes, and keep moving about a bit, the temperature is the least of your worries..! 

The start of my demonstrations
Industrial landscape

The space itself is full of pattern and shapes: the tops of the arched alcoves and windows are mirrored by the rope loops, the railings divide the visual area into sections and the limited colours are just delicious. And that's just what my students thought when they arrived, suitably dressed for the temperatures (it was colder inside than out!) - we were also glad that the cafe was right next door, and totally warm and welcoming! 

Standing to draw

Jim using his initiative to turn a wooden block into an easel!

Neill working in chalk pastel

Clive hard at work.

Using the machinery for 'comfort'!

Jim's lovely work in progress
Below, my drawings by the time we finished for the morning. 
White and grey compressed charcoal, immediate to use with strong results. 

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