Saturday, 4 November 2017

A lovely bit of homework! Student water colours.

I don't actually set work for my students to complete at home, but sometimes - particularly if they have missed a session - someone will put in a bit of time at their own drawing board. It is very rewarding for me to see the results.
Brigid's painting - amazing!!
The painting above, by Brigid, was started during a class,  and she took the leaf home and finished it. I think it's totally beautiful.

Lovely colours and composition by Liz 
Notice how the colour-restrictions were noted on the side of the page - it's always worth doing exercises with a restricted number of colours. Not only does it give the painting a lovely unified feeling, it also helps you understand the range of colours at your disposal.
Another lovely design by Pauline

A lovely spread of studies by Dawn. They look real! 
Notice lots of colour 'tiles' on the left page of Dawn's lovely book (above), testing the mixes before putting them onto the drawing. The dark red leaf on the left page is the actual leaf, but all the others are Dawn's paintings.

 The painting above and below is by Sara, who worked in this at home. The photo above shows that Sara did a wonderful job of getting the leaves just about same-size as the original (the real leaf is on the paper at the top). This photo shows the first layer, a 'wash' of lemon yellow.

Sara's lovely artwork

 Above - the finished artwork, totally delicious. Below, the leaf itself didn't last so long!!!

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