Friday, 25 November 2016

Foiled! Student watercolour paintings.

This week at the drawing board was all about colour and pattern. Having put everyone through their paces last week by asking them to draw a packet of crisps (which, as you might imagine, gathered a 'mixed' response, but lovely drawings nonetheless..!), I decided that the natural way to capitalise on the lessons learnt from that was this setup of a lemon and orange set on tin foil.

OUCH? Well, not really... 


Tin foil can appear to be colourless and boring - but when we crinkle it just a little and put something bright on top - voila! Colour and pattern heaven! 


We began with a careful line drawing,  using the fruits as a safe anchor-point from which to connect the maze of patterns. You can see from margery's drawing below that the amount of observation and concentration required was rather like solving a complicated puzzle.
Margery's drawing 
Adding colour brought relief and an element of clarity. 
Margery's artwork after a couple of hours painting. 
While the fruits were painted first, the artworks were transformed with the addition blues. I hesitate to say that the blue acted as an excellent foil for the warmth of the yellow and orange, but it did so you will excuse the pun!  

Colin - this is only the fourth watercolour that Colin has done. Amazing! 


The results were a triumph of colour and the paintings are joyful! While everyone 'suffered' at various stages in this exercise, a lot was learnt and some were even keen to try the subject again! None of the paintings were completed due to time restraints, but they still look great. 



 I'm very proud of how hard my students work, and am grateful for the trust they put in me when they walk in the door and see what awaits every week. I thanked them during the class yesterday, and Pat's little voice said... 'Resistance is futile' !!!!! 

Next up: Drawing worshop Belfast, Children's workshop, Watercolour weekend. For information email

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