Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cherry Cherry - a new set of 'Kremer' Water Colours in Gray!

 I love black and white work, and think that giving concentrated time to understanding values will help improve colour work later on. So I was intrigued when Lisa, who I stood at the next easel to me last week on a drawing course, showed me this new set of water colour paints, in shades of gray. Who KNEW....?! The thing that is surprising here is that usually, no white is used when painting water colour, as it has a tendancy to 'fog' the colours, and stop them being transparent (which is one of the main charms of using this medium). So next morning I headed to the art store to buy a set to try out. Everything about them feels 'different' - some of the pans are sticky to the touch, others feel a bit rubbery, like putty.

They were nice to paint with, but I had to remind myself to keep switching 'colours' rather than using water to dilute. The consistency is thicker than usual, but some of the darker grays have a lovely warmth about them, with the paler ones veering towards brown-gray rather than blue-gray. There is no actual Black in the set, but the darkest gray is rich and sooty. I'm not sure if I liked them - but I do tell my students that they need to use a new medium about 5 times before deciding if they're our new best friend or not. The first time, we are more aware of what it CAN'T do, the second time we're a bit more prepared, and by the third time we can really get a sense of what it CAN do, and after that, we practice it.. So I'll do plenty more. 

Having said that, it was a treat to do a quick colour one afterwards!

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