Friday, 4 July 2014

Big Drawing Day Out... The Mac, Belfast

There is something fabulous about a group of work colleagues spending time together doing something new... It means that people who might not usually work directly together have an occasion  to interact, and provides an opportunity to engage in unexpected new ways even with those you do work closely with in the office. 

 I was contacted by Noel from a local Product Design Company and was asked if I would teach a corporate drawing session, for their Day Out. He gave me a very clear brief. Some of the participants use drawing in their work already, but not everyone. So I was to design a session that would stretch everyone without intimidating anyone, would be educational to all levels of past experience, challenging yet fun at the same time... 


Well alrighty then..!

We started by working with hands behind our backs - a bit of ripping paper is a great way to start..! It immediately puts everyone on a level playing field as everyoe is working 'blind' - and, importantly, removes any preconceived ideas about what lies ahead. 

It was a great session, and we managed to cram about two weeks of exercises into just a morning. The best bit was musical chairs, where after drawing their chosen boot for 10 minutes, everyone had to swap seats with someone else and carry on working on that persons drawing... Gasps of WHAT???

They moved around twice, then ended up back at their original drawing to finish it off. A tough exercise, but really successful. All drawings were excellent, and everyone had no hiding places!

Happy bunnies! 

The cruncher for me was that Noel had said if they enjoyed the session, then I would be invited out to lunch with them. Fortunately, at the end of the class, he DID invite me, yay!
Thanks for lovely lunch.

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