Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey.. Oil Painting in Black and White

Black and white tonal studies, but without using black - a very good way to begin understanding about mixing Oil paint, without the stress of exact colour matching.

This week my weekly students tried their hands with Oil Paint - most had never used it and were very excited at the prospect (I know, it's lovely to be so easily pleased!). Many brought their old clothes ready for the Big Mess, though I think most of the mess was on my hands, not theirs.

Apart from Sarah, who did a beautiful print on her.. er, arm! And one or two others, now I think about it, who slathered a good bit over their own noses!

Now my work room is festoooned with little black and white paintings, hanging up to dry. Delicious!

Upcoming workshops - Portrait Drawing Day with model, 25th November,
Big Drawing Day, Dublin 2nd December. For info email

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