Friday, 31 August 2012

Wish you were here... well, Kiss me Quick!

It seems the days of getting postcards from abroad are over, because the thing I keep getting from my students from their holidays are Emails, full of their holiday-drawings, oooooOOOOOoooh!

First up was Matthew, who sent me a drawing of a trawler, which impressed me a lot as up to now he's worked mostly on still life - meaning subjects which are small. Matthew, as my Monthly Monday group well knows, is very well behaved, never a moan, always takes the (substantial) challenge given, and always says Thank You Julie, unlike SOME.. But of course, I have no Pets in my class (apart from the dog), I love you all equally... Matt drives from the midlands to County Clare for my class, and we often see each other on the way there. Once though, he was patiently waiting at the venue when I arrived and I was apologizing as I'd missed the exit on the motorway, somehow... He smiled and said, Yes I saw you. You missed the exit because you were so busy... overtaking me!'. Well oops!!

Trawler, by Matt C, student

Then, there's Jayne..who if I didn't know better I would suspect was attending an art holiday, she's produced so many lovely pieces of work. (Possibly a consequence of holidaying in the British Isles, all those damp evenings!) Two studies of a gigantic water wheel, and flowers too. Fabulous.

Water Wheel by Jayne McC, student

And then, Orla. Recently she sent some drawings including this one of amazing shadows - a delicious subject matter, I love this.
Glasses and shadows, by Orla F, student

One of the intriguing things for me is that none of the students have chosen a Chocolate Box theme, but have been attracted to interesting, personal, difficult, complex subjects. Well done folks, you're obviously hooked.

Next up - Oil painting workshop, portrait drawing workshop and weekly classes in Belfast, including Illustration. For info email

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