Friday, 17 August 2012

Something for the weekend.. Hydrangeas, water colour.

Recently my classes have been painting flowers. I have a built-in resistance to giving flowers as subject matter as they are so much more difficult than other subjects, but this resistance is softened by a desire to use seasonal subjects if I can. Even though most things are available all year round, there's something that feels Right about using things in the right season. So the other day I 'liberated' a few fabulous hydrangea flowers that were overhanging the pavement to be gloriously immortalized in water colour by my students.

by Geraldine B, student
 They did a wonderful job, and had fun using sponges to mess about with the middle section, which is often compicated in a lacecap hydrangea flower. If the drawing is sound, and the painting careful on the petals, then the middle section is a lovely foil when it's dealt with in a loose, playful and experimental manner.

Jeannie, student, getting busy with the sponge... 
Some students have chosen to spend a second session completing their painting - after all, the idea of doing a finished painting in a couple of hours is rather ridiculous!

by Jayne McC, who wins the prize for getting the most done in the time! Here, you can see how the careful painting of the petals acts as a good foil to the loose application of the sponge. 
So, nothing better for a weekend than a bit of messing about with paint. This weekend I have a Drawing and Watercolour workshop in Belfast.

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