Monday, 17 January 2011

Portfolio Course, Dublin

Well, seven girls with a looming deadline for portfolio submission to college makes for highly entertaining, fast-production stress. Many had reached the difficult stages, of dealing with thought-process evolving as they unravelled the brief, but after pushing them through that pain barrier its a joy to see students come to grips with the problems before them and begin to blossom.  With hardly any kicking or screaming... Amazingly, this group said they liked it better when I got cross and said it Even More Like it IS. Eek! Girls, you are Charming, and Enchanting.
This photo puts a whole new meaning on Tidy the Table..

The only causalty of the day was a very plain but lovely cake stand from the 1960's which I intended as a prop for a student. I was putting it in the car not carefully enough, and I knew instantly from the shape of the bag that it had split into several pieces. I'm not precious about Things or Stuff, but I do like Props, so it was a shame to lose this one, which I hadn't painted yet. Never mind, there will be others!

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