Friday, 14 January 2011

Fabric study, pencil

This week I resumed my weekly classes in Belfast and have started a waiting list as numbers are so big - I will add another evening as its proving so popular. How lovely! On Wednesday I had a smaller workshop which enabled me to join in (why should the students have all the fun...?) and we drew knotted cloth. I love this exercise, its a great introduction to looking at fabric and the difference between folds and shadows and kinks..  This photo shows two drawings either side of the subject matter. The top drawing is a student study, the bottom one is mine.  Almost cruel, but honestly, its addictive once you get started. And no, I'm not obsessive compulsive, sheesh, how could you even think it?

Here's some of my Monthly Monday group in Killaloe, Co Clare, working away, giving the impression that they're all studious and Good Behaviour. These folks have shaped my week for many years, and their work is inspirational. 

Upcoming workshops: 15th & 16th January - mini portfolio preparation, Dublin
Two day Water Colours, as part of the Distance Learning Course, Dublin
Oils, Belfast
Call for info
Weekly evening and morning classes, Belfast. 

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