Friday, 14 June 2019

Going for gold - Oil portrait with time lapse!

I have been doing a lot of portraits recently, and have really enjoyed painting many lovely people. 

It's a real honour to spend time with the sitters. In my recent works, none had been painted before nor modeled previously and they all found it relaxing (well, the pressure was all on me, of course!). 

This painting is of my handsome friend Jonny. He was very happy for me to experiment with backgrounds. I started with plain grey, but felt that his head is so striking that I could be bolder. 

So, I painted a dark purple over the grey, then began leaf! Not the easiest of things to work with, but worth the effort for the amazing dramatic effect. 

This is the painting so far. I have yet to complete the hair and all those stripes on the shirt. The gold is, I think, looks quite contemporary.

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