Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Burning the midnight oil... edit edit edit!! Notes From The Atelier, the first arrivals!

The past few months have been full on (yes, even more than usual!!). So, by September last year I'd written a book (well, MOST of it). But then I realised I needed to learn how to use InDesign, so that I could do the layouts. My degree is in Graphic Design, and (fortunately) I love layout, but I'd never done it on a computer. Indesign is HUGE... However, I got started, and learnt about it as I went along, and it became rather addictive. 

Various, early proofs, spiral boumd for convenience only. 

What was less addictive, but highly necessary, was the editing process. BIG SIGH!!! I am hugely indebted to David McKnight, who edited tirelessly, and never complained, EVER! 

Yet more (late night) editing. 
Just a slection of the printed proofs - each copy
different to the one before, and all of them edited
 and re-edited... I know, I'm repeating myself.!
As a self-published book, the thing that can be lacking is a DEADLINE! And deadlines are so focussing. Then a student mentioned that she's going to America and wanted to take a book with her as a gift - and so my deadline was born! After getting it all to the printer on time, thanks to designer Paul McNally for help with the technology side, I was glad to see an end to it!!

And now I've recieved the first batch!!Exciting! 

I admit, it does feel strange to see so many copies of it all at once!

Sneak peek at Nisa's painitng

Sneak peek at Pat, Sara and Jean's paintings. 
As you can see, it's a big book - 250 pages of Big!

Here's Paul McNally holding his copy. Thanks Paul!!
If you'd like a preview of more pages please click here:

The link also shows you how to order a copy if you'd like one. The price is £35 until the launch, which is on 2nd April. 

NExt up: Oils workshop 25th March. For info email

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