Sunday, 14 April 2013

All About Green. Apples in Water Colour.

I've always loved green, and while I wouldn't say it's my favourite colour, I know I feel better when I'm in the woods or looking out at the garden. I work in a sun room at the back of my house and all around me is green. Fantastic. 

Recently I set a restricted colour exercise for my students - this is a great thing to do, to reinforce student understanding of how colours mix, by reducing the options. To make it harder, I added a glass bowl.

Students were only allowed to use one yellow. If they used Lemon Yellow, the greens were cooler, if they chose Cadmium Yellow, the greens were more on the side of Olive Green. There was no wrong choice, it was all to see what mixed with what. They used Payne's Grey to intensify the dark tones. 

Above: Shirley having a really good look at her work. I'm impressed with the number of sample colour dots she did on her page - excellent! 

By Nuala T, student

Linda A, student

J. Mc, student

By Helena S, student, who has been accepted to study Illustration at Bournemouth college of Art! 

I am holding an Open Day soon to display my work and the work in progress of my students. Keep an eye here for details. 
I am delighted to also be hosting a free drawing event in Belfast as part of Ireland's National Drawing Day on 18th May 2013. I will post details on venue and the plan for the day as soon as all is confirmed.

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