Friday, 7 December 2012

Oil painting workshop, Belfast (Charming and Enchanting)

Sometimes I have the pleasure of teaching students one-to-one. It makes for a more intense teaching session for me, and a wonderful personal experience for the student, who gets to really address specific problems they may have with their work. Recently an ex-portfolio student, Lou, came for a couple of days. She had done her first year at art college and wanted to get to grips with oil paint before going into her second year to specialise in painting at NCAD. A very good plan!

We started with a revisit to drawing, for what is painting, if it isn't drawing but with a brush? 

First morning, artwork by Louise, student
Black and white is a vital area for study, as the tonal values are as important as the actual colours we use later, so we kicked off with a large, loose (but carefully observed) pencil drawing, then the same object in oil paint. This was Lou's first time using oils, and black and white is a more user-frienly approach as mixing the paint and not letting it too thick, and finding ways to successfully lay it onto the surface is enough to contend with for starters.
SIZE, changes everything!
 Of course, being the only student means you get more lunch! 

The second day we moved on to colour mixing and trying different surfaces to paint on as well. An incredibly productive weekends work! And what was charming and enchanting? Well, Lou and me, of course!

Upcoming workshops: Intensive portfolio courses, Protrait workshops, Oil painting, Water colour workshops. All courses are fully tutored and student numbers are small. Friendly, fun and enjoyable.

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