Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mama KAZ! Up coming Portrait workshops, Belfast

Last weekend was the first East Belfast Arts Festival and I went along to the most splendid marquee I've ever seen (it was like a cathedral on the inside, honest) and the music was amazing. Not only was Van Morrison on his very best-behaviour-fantastic, all the bands were fabulous. My favourite was the first on stage, the amazingly wonderful Mama Kaz Band. I took one look at Kaz and said to my friend, wow, SHE'D be fanTASTIC to draw wouldn't she...?? So, imagine how good it felt when I asked her later if she'd consider sitting for a class and she said YES, and that she'd bring her guitar and PLAY for us if I liked...? Well, I nearly fainted... I like!

Here she was on stage... Presence, Passionate and Powerful - and totally drawable.

Photo by Gerry McNally

...and here's a link to her blog  http://mamakaz.wordpress.com/

Many students have been asking for another portrait session and in this, I'll include the figure as well (wearing stage gear) (that's Kaz...not me). It's fully tutored and numbers are small, so this is perfect for all levels of ability, and A level students too, and those at college who are feeling drawing-starved. I have two dates, October 14th and November 25th, both Sunday afternoons.
Wouldn't this be a fantastic addition to your Portfolio for college..?

If you'd like to come along to the fully tutored workshop, with live music!, email julie@juliedouglas.co.uk

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