Thursday 31 May 2012

Forked Up - drawings in pencil.

This week my students were mostly drawing cutlery, tied together with string... This is not for the faint hearted (neither student NOR tutor - I have to say that I often felt VERY unpopular...!!). But after much huffing and grumps, everyone did a fabulous job! This is extremely difficult. The first drawing is mine, in my Moleskine book - it's always good to try a bit of the subject during a class, to remember just how cruel I've been. I mean, so I can understand the difficulties that everyone will encounter. 

Above - by Ruth T, student (who discovered her ability to SIGH while doing this..)

Above - by Pat F, who has drawn the arrangement before, so we made it more challenging by putting the forks in a glass of water... 

Above - wonderful drawing by Jayne McC, who is showing off here by using two pencils at once...! 

Above, Geraldine B, student

Above - I am so pleased with this drawing by Hialry H, because half way through she was so disgusted with the 'impossible task' that she started again...and came up trumps. Fantastic! 

Difficlut as this is, it is so much more of a challenge for Distance Learning students, who don't have me there to make their tea and offer soohing noises. Below is a truly lovely set of work from Marianne L-S in England. It's so lovely receiving artwork for crit -  opening the envelope is like getting a present. The fact she did the cutlery on her own at home is a great testament to her dedication. Truly impressive. As she says herself, she is growing old disgracefully - I think we can see from this that age is suiting her! 

Above and below, charcoal, Marianne L-S, student. 

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