Monday, 19 March 2012

Drawing on Location

 There's nothing quite like having a change of venue to put new things into the creative mix. Recently I took my morning girls to draw in the City Hall, which was a great experience for all, including hearing the guided tour 3 times - on the third time, the guide actually mentioned us in the speech, so perhaps we've become part of the local history already..! (or another tourist attraction?)

Drawing in the Rotunda, a very grand location.
To begin with, students were a bit daunted, especially being so visible to tourists, but they settled down and did some lovely drawings.

                                    A wonderful tonal study by G. Bunting, student (above).

                             Student drawing, D.Gallagher (above), D.Morgan (below)

Deirdre working away, above. 

I don't know what they put in the coffee (great coffee shop..) but on the way back to our drawing boards after a break, we all got VERY excited about the light flooding in from the stained glass windows, really beautiful!

Next up - Portrait workshops, Portfolio course, Big Drawing days and drawing and water colour workshops. Email for info.
Also, Distance Learning programme available all year round. 


  1. Pictures are great-everyone will want to join the Thursday girls now

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    1. Thanks, to sharing a great post and probably distance learning program fit for those student who are not capable to attending regular classes and spend money also.

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