Saturday, 5 November 2011

Portfolio Course, Ireland

Five days of intensive drawing study and project developing is enough to tire out even this girl. A great deal of ground was covered, and all students surprised themselves and produced the best work they'd ever done. Which is of course the Beginning, not the end...! And I agreed to do it all again in January.. 

(see what I mean about making a big mess..?) 

Students taking it in turns to present their work to the group. 

Here are some of the students, who traveled from Dublin, Naas, Galway, Loughrea and Nenagh to do the course in Killaloe. And me, from Belfast. Well done, folks, I hope you have the weekend off!

Next up - Big Drawing Day, Water Colour workshop, Oils workshop,  Portrait Drawing. Also, weekly classes in Belfast and Monthly Mondays in Killaloe.
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