Monday, 14 March 2011

Oil Painting Workshop.. Oranges 8in x 10in Oils

Today I finished this painting of Oranges. Oils on board, 8in x8in. (though I added the stalks after this shot was taken..) It was very quick, for me - I got the whole first layer in, in one day, which felt terrific. I then had a couple of busy weeks where I hardly got to sit down with it, but it was a joy to complete, over a couple more days. (which probably means about 4 more days..) Last week I did a one-day flit to London to visit the Dulwich Picture Gallery (a lovely gallery, well worth a visit) who were showing the first ever UK show of original paintings by Norman Rockwell, a wonderful American Illistrator, who was HUGE in illustration from the 1920's - 60's. I wrote about him for my college thesis rather a long while ago and this was the first time I'd seen the work for real. Wow, it was amazing. Larger than I'd imagined, and some pieces loose, and some so painfully fine and fabulous, I was leaning over the barriers so I could really peer at the canvas. Deeeeelicous. Sadly, the best book of his work for sale in the Gallery Shop was also the most expensive. But I'm worth it.. After a whizz around the National Gallery too, for my top-up of Venus-flesh and floaty-angels, I feel very inadequate back at my desk. But will plod on, regardless. Practice practice practice...

Next Up - Oil Painting Workshop 20th March. Email for details. 


  1. Ready to eat, beautiful colours, with unbelievable variety. Look forward to seeing for real next class. I can see why you like Norman Rockwell. Same attention to detail and ability to convey personality. Love the blog, very meaty content every time.

  2. Well, THANK YOU.. Meaty? Here's me thinking it was all fruit n veg..

  3. Wow Julie you amaze me with everything you do, you are superwoman!

  4. :-D
    that is so kind xxx
    (have you been rummaging in my wardrobe, and found my Cape and Mask?? tsk)